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By Roy De Medeiros Verified Review

5 Mar 24, 2023

Exceptional Results & Support

Many business owners struggle to build & grow their sales. Fulkrem Group provides small to medium size businesses with the experience to build a solid sales structure/program unlocking their potential, people & sales results they desire. Our goal was to find a way to automate and reach out to potential businesses to communicate our services and programs. I hired Joel and his team to help us bridge the gap and reach out to our targeted audience. The results were WOW!!!! , Joel and his team are exceptional. They provided guidance, coaching and helped us refine our messaging & outreach to our target audience. Within a couple of months Joel and his team exceeded my and my companies’ expectations. Our brand followers grew on LinkedIn, we were able to reach out to our target market faster, with exceptional results. We built brand awareness and onboarded a full complement of businesses that needed our help in a very short period of time and have now become part of the Fulkrem Family. Thank you, Joel & Team, Fulkrem and I look forward to our future collaborations.
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Apr 27, 2023
Roy, it was a pleasure working with you. Thank you so much for your review. 🙏
By Miranda O'Connor

5 Mar 12, 2023

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Our company creates professional authentic video stories for businesses to build trust, reputation, and attract the best clients and staff. We were struggling to connect with better quality clients in the GTA and did not want to waste money on broad social media marketing or expensive paid ads. We wanted a very targeted outreach to very specific types of people and industries. We hired Joel and team for LinkedIn lead generation and are very happy with the results. Within a few months we have connected with many great organizations that will become long term clients. Joel and team are very supportive throughout the process and they want to see their clients succeed. This is a system that actually works and pays for itself and has been a great benefit to our company.
By Chantal Cleroux

5 Mar 11, 2023

Couldn't DO Without Joel!

Am Chantal, an HR Strategist and with my company, HRSOLUTIONS-ONDEMAND, we offer simple and efficient HR solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. Before working with Joel and his team, my challenge was my inability to continuously reach out to my target market to establish great connections. Now I have an automated marketing process that let's me reach out as much as I want to connect with the people ready to make a change in their business or in their career. Many thanks to all, at Quantum Results, and to Joel, Renzo, ONWARD UPWARD! Chantal :)
By Rick Verified Review

5 Feb 9, 2023

Great Knowledge

Thank you for your expertise and knowledge. We look forward to working with you Rick Rimkey
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Feb 9, 2023
Rick, it was a pleasure. Looking forward to working with you!
By Cheryl Clark Verified Review

5 Jan 17, 2023

Knows his stuff

Joel - provided some amazing training for our entrepreneurial group and WOW! He knocked it out of the park! He spoke to us about LinkedIn and setting ourselves up there for success and connection! Great speaker, Great presenter and absolutely warm and accomodating!
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Jan 22, 2023
Cheryl, It was a pleasure speaking with your group of passionate entrepreneurs, thank you very much for the review!
By Dan Rogers Verified Review

5 Oct 7, 2022

Reviewing “Winning Online”

Fantastic read with easy to implement strategies to help with all things online ! Joel is a guru for this stuff.
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Jan 22, 2023
Thank you for your review, Dan!
By David Skoglund Verified Review

5 Jul 10, 2022

Much More Than The Title Suggests

“Winning Online” is much more than a case study story about how to create a winning online marketing program. It’s a book about the keys to being a successful entrepreneur. Joel shows how to enhance a company's strategic focus. He also shares many time-honored ideas on how to identify your ideal clients, measure marketing and sales results and ultimately enhance your bottom line. Both new and established business owners can benefit by reading “Winning Online.”
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Jan 22, 2023
Thank you, David. Appreciate your insights.
By Jeffrey Kippel Verified Review

5 Feb 7, 2022

Insightful and Important if you own a business!

Thank you Joel for opening my eyes to some “new” ways of looking at things from a wider business perspective. The notion, that whatever business you are in, essentially, you are an “online marketing company”… and with that being the case, the instruction manual your outlined is key!
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Jan 22, 2023
Thank you, Jeffrey!
By Gene Emslie Verified Review

5 Nov 4, 2021


Joel has written a great book that is fun, insightful with practical information that our organization will be putting into practice asap. The "fable" format is a favourite of mine and breaks down the complexities of marketing online into bite size pieces. Handy for those of us new to the online marketing world. Not hard to see how it was a #1 bestseller.
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Nov 5, 2021
Gene, Thank you for your wonderful review! I'm so glad you learned actionable steps that you and your company will be implementing immediately. Keep me updated on your progress!
By Jared Verified Review

5 Aug 6, 2021

Great Consultation with Joel

Joel really knows his stuff! He’s got some proprietary programs worth looking into
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Aug 6, 2021
Jared, it was a pleasure working with you