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By Rebecca Verified Review

5 Jan 27, 2021
Joel explains everything in plain English. I feel comfortable with my lack of tech knowledge with his company.
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Feb 16, 2021
Rebecca! Thank you for your kind review, I'm glad you see things more clearly now.
By Hair Extension Angels Verified Review

5 Dec 19, 2020

Hire Joel as Your Digital Sherpa!

Hiring Joel as my "Digital Sherpa" has given me access to exclusive tailored strategies, platforms and results I could not have thought possible so early in my online marketing efforts. Joel's guidance, recommendations, and disruptive platforms, has enabled me to go from being an employee of a Spa (fired due to the Pandemic) to building/owning an online store with growing traffic and sales! I highly recommend you hire Joel as your Digital Sherpa! Alana - Owner Hair Extension Angels
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Feb 16, 2021
Alana, Thank you so much for your wonderful review. I'm very happy we were able to grow your business so you can continue "Winning Online!"
By Amanda Cupido Verified Review

5 Oct 5, 2020

Joel knows his stuff

Joel has been my go-to for online marketing. Has the winning combination of being passionate and extremely knowledgeable. His book is a great read, as well!
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Feb 16, 2021
Thank you, Amanda!
By Mylashan Verified Review

5 Oct 2, 2020

Thank you Joel

Dear Joel, I love your services very much. You and your team understood my requirement and customized your services which I never had it before in my life. We had the situation to purchase what ever on the table. Joel is a friendly person who understands the cultural differences and communication challenges. In short , he is one of the best professional in this field.
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Oct 2, 2020
Thank you so much Dr. Mylashan, it was a pleasure working with you. I wish all of my customers were as nice, friendly and professional as you were while working on your website project. Let's crush it online together!!
By Ashley Verified Review

5 Oct 2, 2020

Best book ever !

This book was so insightful and helpful! I would definitely recommend to all entrepreneurs!!
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Oct 2, 2020
Hey Ashley! Thank you so much for your wonderful review, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
By Karim Verified Review

5 Jul 23, 2020

Great Book

Highly recommended...
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Feb 16, 2021
Thank you, Karim!
By Blaine Verified Review

5 Jun 28, 2020

Great Company

I Worked with Joel and Marko. They are very knowledgeable, easy to work with, very responsive to any questions and they are very quick in responding to your needs. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and for their attention to their customers needs.
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Jul 20, 2020
Thank you for your review Blaine! It was a pleasure working with you.
By Sharon Verified Review

5 Jun 22, 2020

Great Insight and Enthusiasm

Thank you Joel, for your insight and passion for helping others achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Your ability to share vast amounts of information with clarity and purpose is wonderful. It's so helpful for a someone like myself who is new to this and who often feels overwhelmed by the prospect of what needs to be done to reach my desired market online. Looking forward to applying the knowledge you shared and share my successes with you!
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Feb 16, 2021
It was a pleasure sharing my insight with you, Sharon. I look forward to our continued success together!
By Evelina Riguer Verified Review

5 Jun 3, 2020

A wonderful book!

Highly recommend. I love reading Marketing Books, but find most of them very overwhelming. Without giving away what the book is about, for those who did not have a chance to read yet, just want to mention that the ideas and concepts being given are very easy to follow. Enjoyed reading and learned alot at the same time.
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum Feb 16, 2021
Thank you, Evelina. It means a lot to me coming from another professional in a similar industry. I'm glad you were able to learn the principles and enjoyed the journey.
By Lorraine Weygman Verified Review

5 Apr 25, 2020

Novel way to write a technical book!

Finally, I could understand a lot of the technical information that always confused me about a great website and on line marketing. Joel has formatted the book as an interesting novel with someone going through the learning stages, sorting out the confusion. Each chapter summarizes the main points. For me, it was a WOW and enjoyable learning experience that I put into practice! Lorraine
Reply by Joel Mandelbaum May 4, 2020
Thank you so much for your wonderful review Lorraine, it's business owners like you that make my mission so much more enjoyable!